IAM a Light

Psalms 18:28 NLT You light a lamp for me. The lord , my God, lights up my darkness.

God is our light.

He is the faithful parent that keeps the light on, so we can find our way home.

Light is such a strong force that can bring clarity to all situations.  God’s light guides us , when we have lost our way.

The Lord, My God, lights up my darkness.

God takes the darkest deepest parts of our character and being, and lights it up.

Expose those parts of my heart and life that are unworthy, the things holding me back.
The un confessed they are the sins that keep me from God.

God opens my eyes to the unworthy things with his light.  Then I can see them, and take them to the Lord.

I want to allow God to shine his light on them, heal me, and then transform them into my greatest strength

When it’s dark and you don’t know where to go.  Ever been stuck?  Ever felt frozen in fear?


Turn to God’s word, and let him shine a light in front of you.  God wants to lead you out of the darkness.

The world wants us to cover things up.
To fake it and smile and act as if nothing is wrong.
Who are we kidding?  God knows us.  God knows our heart, and he wants to shine his light into the darkness of our souls, and bring life

For me personally, my first instinct is to feel unworthy.  When, I make mistakes, or lose my temper, or fall short.
I want to beat myself up, and have a nice little pity party for myself.  And then solve those pains in my soul with the things of this world.

But I know, that’s the path to depression and seclusion.
God’s way is confession, and 100% reliance on Him. To bring it into the Light


IAM a child of light

IAM Filled with Light

IAM connected to the Father of Lights