IAM A Believer

What does it take for you to buy in?

How many miracles would it take?
Would miracles start to become old hat to you?

If you took the time to just read Matthew 8, count how many times Jesus healed, and worked in mighty power.

If I spent a weekend with Jesus, and from Friday to Sunday this was the amount of ministry he did. Then I would never question the power of God.

The man with leprosy asked Jesus: If you are willing. Say what?
The leper already knew God had the power, but the question was in Jesus’ willingness.


1. Jesus IS WILLING TO HEAL YOU. But you have to ask.
2. Jesus has all authority in heaven and on earth
The Roman officer understood authority.
Are we subject to this world?
Or is this world subject to the will of our God?
Verse 10 is great. The Son of God. was amazed!

Have the type of faith that speaks to the heavens, OK?
Wow, youngblood is bringing some serious prayers right now
OK, my Son, you aren’t playing around.
If God wants to impose his mighty will on the worst, angriest, grumpiest, flaming liberal atheist. HE CAN AND HE WILL.

3. Jesus came to heal us. He heals us to empower us to do his will.
It’s not just so we can leave the church healed to move on with our lives. Jesus heals , to add us to his army of warriors.

4. Jesus has authority over nature. I wish NJ had san diego weather. I have witnessed a bad 5 day forecast before our trunk or treat event or egg hunt. And by Saturday or the day of the event. It’s BEAUTIFUL. Ok Hurricane sandy aside in 2012. Even the winds and waves obey him. Thats the kind of power our God has.

5. Even the demons know who Jesus is. The demons BEGGED for permission from Jesus. Who begs for things? Someone who is clearly in a subordinate position to the most high God. I think sometimes we give too much power to the demons and sins that are controlling us. IN the Name of Jesus, take authority over them.

Proclaim the Truth Today! (say it out loud into the mirror or computer monitor!)
I AM a believer
I Have the authority of Christ over situations
I AM more powerful than demons.



God Speaks, I Do
God control, the world submits.
God’s will, all powerful.

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I am saved by grace through the love of my Savior Jesus Christ I am a husband, father of 2 and one on the way

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I am saved by grace through the love of my Savior Jesus Christ
I am a husband, father of 2 and one on the way

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