My Creed


IAM Victorious
I have supreme confidence in the one who gave me life
IAM Beautiful and I love myself
I see beauty in all of God’s creation
IAM skillfully and wonderfully created
My DNA is the DNA of God and so is yours
IAM loved by God, and nothing I can do can take away his Love for me
I have received deep inner healing from the wounds and lies of the world
IAM uniquely called to deliver a message of Love and Hope to all
I live my life with faith, vision and passion, never regret or excuses
IAM a Conquering Warrior
I fight for justice for those who cannot fight for themselves


Friend, my creed isn’t just for me. It’s for you too. You have an amazing contribution to give our world, and you are the only person who is uniquely gifted to do it. Find and become the best version of yourself. Proclaim the truth about who you are everyday and night. When you wake up, and when you go to sleep, look into mirror and see your beautiful face. Smile and speak the truth to yourself and your soul. Your whole life up until this point may have been a battleground of getting beat up. Today start the healing process inside of you. Develop a new habit of loving and healing yourself.
I love you. I see you.
You are talented in many ways!

On the side navigation i have encouraging blog posts and devotions for you. I hope you are blessed by them.